Some important milestones

The story of Audio Research Corporation (ARC) is to a large extent the story about William Zane Johnson, founder and president of the company.

Bill Johnson builds his first commercial amplifier. It was an all triode, transformer coupled, three-chassis design with separate power supply.

Bill Johnson starts his own company called Electronic Industries. Many of his early designs were modifications of various Dynaco models sometimes reusing only parts of the original designs, such as the transformers.

Here are some recent pictures of the original Electronic Industries building which is located at 2451 Hennepin Avenue South in Minneapolis:

The front half of the building was a retail type store and the back half of the building was the factory and test center. Electronic Industries occupied this location for a lot of the 1960's and moved out in 1970 or 1971. The store front next to this location was "Douglas Dynamic's", the first authorized Electronic's Industries and Audio Research dealer in the world, which was owned by Doug Erickson.

Electronic Industries was purchased by a marketing company called Peploe, Inc. Included in the deal were Bill Johnson, his patent applications and his technical files.

Bill Johnson quits Peploe to start Audio Research Corporation. He was able to buy back his patents. This is the press release sent out on April 20th 1970:

Here are some recent pictures of the second building that Audio Research occupied:

The address is 2843 26th Avenue South in Minneapolis. This building is much bigger than the original Electronic Industries building. The size is probably 25,000 to 30,000 square feet. This building had a loading dock for trucks which the original Electronic Industries building did not have.

Quadrivio SGR, an Italian private-equity firm, buys Audio Research Corporation. Bill Johnson continues as Honorary Chairman and Terry Dorn becomes the new President.
Bill Johnson passed away on December 10, 2011.

An interesting interview with William Z. Johnson can be found in Vol. 17 No. 8.