requently asked questions (FAQ)

Question 1 What are the recommendations for surfing ARCDB?
Answer 1 For the most pleasant viewing experience your computer should have:
1) 32-bit color depth ("True Color")
2) The font "Haettenschweiler" installed
3) Java scripting enabled in your Web browser

This site has been tested with Google Chrome 22, Firefox 15 and Internet Explorer 9.
Question 2
Can you tell me more about...?
Answer 2

I am sorry, but all the information I have gathered is available on the site. If you are looking for anything more I recommend:
1) Contact your local ARC dealer.
2) Contact the ARC importer/distributor in your country.
3) Contact ARC directly via phone or fax. You can find the contact numbers on their web site:

Question 3 I have a technical problem with my unit, can you help me?
Answer 3 Unfortunately not. I am not an electronics tech. I know how to hook everything up and that's about it. Any questions in regards to repair should be directed to a certified technician or ARC directly.
Question 4 Can you give me some recommendations for my system?
Answer 4 I could but I don't really want to. Sound reproduction is a rather controversial thing; what works for me might not work for you. Every audiophile's situation is unique; your sonic preferences, your room and your system makes a combination which I cannot possibly know much about, so my or anybody else's recommendations are not worth much since it is ultimately you who has to make the purchase decisions and enjoy your sound reproduction system.
Question 5 Can you send me a User's Manual/schematic for...?
Answer 5

I am sorry, but all schematics I have gathered are available on the site. I recommend using the contact list in Answer 2 above, but if that doesn't work I suggest looking for a second hand copy of the User's Manual on:
1) Auction sites such as
2) Used equipment sites such as
3) Web sites specializing in second hand audio manuals

Question 6
How can I use a 120V unit when I have a 240V power line (and vice versa)?
Answer 6

Some (especially older) units have a 120/240V switch at the rear. Others have transformers which only needs to be rewired.
For all other units, these are your options:
1) Have the power supply modified to the correct voltage.
2) Use a step up/down transformer. Make sure that it has sufficient capacity to handle the unit by checking the power requirements. This will take care of the voltage but not the frequency (50Hz/60Hz) difference (which doesn't really matter).
3) Use a power regenerator which adjusts both the voltage and the frequency.
4) Install dedicated power lines with the desired voltage.