ARCDB was created out of a personal desire to learn more about the ARC line of products since they have always represented something very special to me with their seductive presentation of music. I searched the Internet to try to find a site that had information about ARC products, not only their current but also past models, but couldn't find anything that attempted to give the complete picture. I could find snippets of information here and there, on auction sites, discussion forums, sites with vintage audio etc. I also noticed that the information given was not always correct. I started to collect whatever information I could find and after a while I decided to put everything together and create my own site. Thus, ARCDB was born.

Of course, in such an undertaking, there will always be difficulties finding out everything about the products and it is also very hard to determine which source is correct whenever conflicting information exist. The current status of ARCDB is far from satisfactory given the goal of concentrating all ARC product information in one place. But, I had to start from somewhere, and I am relying on you, the visitor to this site, to contribute with your knowledge. Together we can turn this site into something very special.

The creator of this site, Manfred Persson, lives in Malmö, Sweden after being an ex-patriate for more than four years living in Dallas, Texas, USA

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