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Tube stereo line stage.

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The most advanced design ever offered by Audio Research. All vacuum-tube gain (12 or 18 dB) with full microprocessor control of volume, balance, record and input selection. Fully regulated power supplies, dedicated power and logic transformers and four isolated circuit modules with audiophile-grade components throughout. No mechanical switches degrade the signal path; electronic relays are used exclusively. All front-panel functions (including mute and phase inversion) are achievable via the included handheld remote control. Both balanced and single-ended inputs (eight plus full tape/processor loop) and outputs (two main, one tape) are offered, allowing simple connection to any conceivable input source. Reference Series products feature anodized quarter-inch side panels with countersunk fasteners for clean lines and enduring mechanical integrity.




Platinum Grey faceplate.

MSRP (US new retail)


Frequency response .5dB, 1.0Hz to 200kHz at rated output. -3dB points below 0.3Hz and above 400kHz.
Distortion (THD) Less than .015% at 4V RMS Balanced output
Noise & hum 13µV RMS residual IHF weighted balanced noise output with gain control minimum (110dB below 4V RMS output, 93dB below 2V RMS SE output).
Gain Main output: 12.3dB Balanced, 6.3dB Single Ended
Tape output: 0dB
Input impedance 220K ohms Balanced, 110K ohms SE, Inputs (8): tape, tuner, phono, CD, video, aux 1, aux 2, aux 3, (XLR and RCA connectors).
Output impedance 400 ohms Balanced, 200 ohms SE main (2), 20K ohms minimum load and 2000pF maximum capacitance. Outputs (3): 2 main, 1 tape (XLR and RCA connectors).
Output polarity  
Maximum inputs 7.0V RMS maximum Balanced, (3.5V RMS SE).
Rated outputs 4V RMS (2V RMS SE) into 100K ohm balanced load (maximum balanced output capability is 30V RMS at less than 0.5% THD at 1kHz).
Power supplies Electronically regulated low and high voltage supplies. Automatic 45 sec. warm-up/brown-out mute. Line regulation better than .01%.
Tube complement (8) 6922/E88CC dual triode
Power requirements 100-135VAC 60Hz (200-270VAC 50/60Hz) 90 watts maximum.
Other Controls: Gain, Balance, Select Record, Select Input. Toggle switches: Power/Off, SE/Balanced Input, Invert/Normal, Mute/Operate.
Dimensions 19" (48 cm) W x 7" (17.8 cm) H (standard rack panel) x 15.5" (39.4 cm) D. Handles extend 11/2" (3.8 cm) forward of the front panel.
Weight 30 lbs. (13.6 kg) Net; 43 lbs. (19.5 kg) Shipping.


Vol. 21 No. 11