The ARC Museum

In a room at the ARC factory something truly amazing can be experienced. It is a room containing historic pieces of equipment and all the awards that Audio Research has acquired over the years.

The museum is mostly all old Electronic Industries/Audio Research equipment and a lot of one of a kind pieces that Bill Johnson produced that never made it into production. Most of the equipment was saved over the years by Bill Johnson. The museum contains most of the early products made up until the early 2000's but it does not contain a lot of the newer products.

The ARC museum is currently a showcase for dealers that visit the factory and it has not been publicly announced.

Here is a selection of equipment found in the museum:


These preamplifiers started production during the Electronic Industries era and continued well after ARC was founded. Hence, the face plates differ as seen on the pictures. The last picture is an early mock up unit of SP-1.


The rare and odd looking preamplifier CSP-1A.


Here with the rack mount option.

SP-11 MKII Special Edition

A very rare unit, made for the Taiwan market. Power supply unit was not available for a picture.


EC-3 active crossover and PC-1C passive crossovers. Here with the gold/black face plates to match the SP-3 preamp which had the same optional face plate and was sold at the same time.


Tube crossover in the rack mount version.

EC-22 prototype

Early version or prototype of the Audio Research EC-22 crossover. Based on cosmetics, it's a late late 1970's or early 1980's unit. The EC-22 was released years later with different cosmetics.


Very rare tube FM stereo tuner based on Dynaco FM3. ARC did some modifications on the Dynaco FM-3 tuner for a very limited number of clients. The faceplate matched Audio Research gear offered at the time.


Tube mono power/integrated amplifier. This is probably the first amplifier Electronics Industries/Bill Johnson produced.


Tube mono power amplifier which was a remake of Dynaco Mark III.

M-60 pro version

Picture shows front of unit with the fans removed.


Tube stereo power amplifier which was a remake of Dynaco Stereo 70.

DUAL 400 prototype

The Dual 400 is an extremely well built stereo tube amplifier that was years ahead of it's time. The Dual 400 amplifier consisted of (two) M400 amplifier chassis and (one) P-3 power supply. This might be the only known example that exists today, as very few units may have been produced. This is an excellent example of an early State of the Art tube amplifier that William Z. Johnson produced for Audio Research.
The M-400 is the mono version of the Dual 400. It consist of (one) M400 amplifier chassis and (one) P-3 power supply chassis.

M-360 prototype

This is a mono tube amplifier that never made it into production. The faceplate indicates it was a William Z Johnson signature series. More than likely it was rated at 360 watts into a mono load. Probably a late 1970's to mid 1980's unit based on similar cosmetics to the D-150 and D-79 series. This unit is extremely well built and was a state of the art design at the time it was built.

VT150 prototype

Early evaluation prototype.

MCP-22 prototype

Here's a very rare Audio Research MCP-22 prototype unit that never made it into production. It's a vacuum tube, moving coil preamp that has 7 tubes total. Based on the cosmetics, it's probably a late 1970's or early 1980's unit.

LD1-10 prototype

Full mock up of the LD1-10 line drive amplifier that never made it into production. Based on the cosmetics, probably late 1970's to early 1980's.


Balanced line driver BL-3 with rare rackmount faceplate.

Peploe MKIII

Here's a very rare, mock up unit for a Peploe MKIII professional series guitar amplifier. In the early days, Electronic Industries and Peploe catered to the professional sound reinforcement industry.


4 channel mixer.


10 channel mixer. Different versions with completely different cosmetics and ergonomics.


Stereo tape electronics unit.